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I'm back! The question is where did I go? And the answer is...I'm not sure. I've been buried under work/school, work/school, rinse, repeat.

C and I went to the beach for five days and it was GLORIOUS. Seriously, we were ten steps from the beach and I saw a fox and I went in the ocean and we went out to eat and I had lots of fish and lots of cheesecake and I want to go back!

There was the cutest independent bookstore in the beach town we went to. I found a fabulous book called Still Alice
by Lisa Genova. So good and so sad. I bought a book at full price and I almost never do that. I still have it at home. I can give or send it to anyone who wants to read it.

I've done so much kvetching about the big "T" and I want to apologize for that. I'll stop now, I promise (easier to do now that the paper's turned in!).

Decided to take the cats to a new vet. The old vet seems incompetent and the waiting room's always busy. I'm taking Zoe to Just Cats today so they have a look at her swollen lip. I'm not sure what's going on there. Her bottom lip is red now. It was that way when she was a kitten and then her lip was normal and now it's not and she's two and a half. I'm hoping the new vet will know what's going on. The old vet prescribed pills which I'm not giving to Zoe without a second opinion. It'll be hard enough to give her the pills (she's crafty and not easily tricked), but I don't want to give the medicine without a good reason.

Fingers crossed on the job I applied for. It's about five minutes from home! K also applied for the job and I would love for her to get it. :D

Trying to get out and about and do more stuff. J and I went hiking a week and a half ago. I really like hiking, but I don't get to do it very often, so yay! I'm keeping my eyes on Lilith Fair and Wolf Trap because there are some awesome concerts going down this summer!

My class is over at the end of June, so I'm thinking of getting into baking again this summer. I barely even cook right now, so baking will be an adventure! My husband loves this quiche so I think that'll be first on the list.


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